The project mission of The Heart of Kenyan Running is to make the authentic and traditional Kenyan expertise about running available and accessible to runners worldwide for the first time ever.
  • In Kenya our team directed by élite Kenyan runner and coach Timo Limo ensures that all guests on The Heart of Kenyan Running camps may experience the real Kenyan way of training and learn the best of Kenyan coaching in terms of running drills and technique. We don’t employ Western countries’ coaches to give everybody the unique chance to get the real taste of the Kenyan coaching methods.
  • In Italy we have made Timo Limo’s Kenyan coaching bests for the first time ever available to the Western World, especially in the European countries.
  • Worldwide we are setting up a network of partners and collaborations to pursue our mission of sharing Timo Limo’s highlights of Kenyan running expertise and help as many runners in the world as possible to make their dreams come true.

From The Heart of Kenyan Running Head Coach & Director:

“Always work to your best, believe in your abilities, your day is coming” by Timo Limo