Chiara Raso


Chiara Raso is The Heart of Kenyan Running Co-founder and CEO in Italy, Head of Administration office and Group leader

Chiara Raso is Federal Instructor for Athletics and responsible for organising all the sport tourism events at Aosta’s TTS srl. Chiara is a former athlete, she was part of the Italian national Ski mountaineering team and former athlete of the Centro Sportivo Esercito (Sporting division of the Italian Army). She has an in-depth knowledge of Kenya, its culture and traditions. Her life partner was Thomas James Lokomwa, international athlete with a personal best of 60’33” over the half-marathon distance, running under 61’ for 4 times in his career, whose life was sadly cut short by a fatal car accident in September 2016.

TTS srl and The Heart of Kenyan Running Management in Italy

All those who wish to live the unique experience of a running camp in Iten, the “Home of Champions” in Kenya, a country with boundless highlands and the birthplace of the great champions of the world elite in the various running disciplines, can contact Chiara at the management of T.T.S. srl Aosta (

Group Leader

Chiara always accompanies the groups of runners who depart from Italy and will be their contact person in Iten, where she will guarantee full participation in all the activities of the training sessions even for those who do not speak English, thanks to the simultaneous translations of all the contents provided to the participants by the local Kenyan technical staff.