Timo Limo


Timothy Limo is The Heart of Kenyan Running Co-founder and Director in Iten, Head Coach and Head of Guest Relations

Timothy Limo is first of all a professional élite athlete specialised in fast middle-distance running, particularly 800 m, as well as key trainer of the Lornah Kiplagat Sports Academy at the High Altitude Training Centre of Iten (Kenya).
He decided to found his own company “The Heart of Kenyan Running” in 2018 to share the best of his great experience both as an athlete and as a coach with runners and young talents from all over the world.
The aim of his personal project is to spot and nurture new talents in running as well as welcoming group of foreign runners to Kenya: Timo leads people coming from different countries and continents on a unique experience which is going to reveal to them what the heart of kenyan running really and truly is.

As Co-founder and Director of The Heart of Kenyan Running in Iten, Timo is the one who really leads the running camps hosted at the High Altitude Training Centre in Iten. Supervising carefully the designing of all the details of our running camps activities, Timo is the one who coordinates all local staff members in order to ensure that each of our guest may make the most out of their experience with us.

As Head Coach, Timo supervises the training program of our camps and he designs all specific sessions on track and in the gym, as an essential part of our guests’ training. Thanks to Timo’s high level and professional coaching, we can well ensure that runners of all levels will experience outstanding improvement in their running technique at the end of their stay in Iten.
As Head of Guest Relations, Timo also supervises the guests’ welcome to Iten easing their integration into to a new place and culture.

Timo and The Heart of Kenyan Running’s ultimate purpose

Timo is born with all qualities of a natural leader. What brought him to found his own company is certainly his great passion for running and for his job as a coach. But a true leader has always an ultimate purpose in all he does: making the best and wisest use of his own talents for his people’s benefit. What represents Timo’s main goal to be achieved throughout The Heart of Kenyan Running camps is therefore turning the passion for running and coaching into a powerful mean for a positive social impact in his own territory, which may produce income for the locals through the creation of job opportunity, and, at the same time, give the guests an experience of a lifetime which may change their perspective of life for a better future in their countries of origin.

Timo’s career as a professional athlete

Timo’s career as an athlete brought him to race in Europe since 2010: he achieved his best results on track in Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. In 20? Timo has been invited to join of the Purosangue Team, sponsored by Adidas and leaded by manager Nico Panevis and Italian coach Max Monteforte, and he is currently one of the best élite athletes in the Purosangue group.

At the moment Timo’s own training program is finalised to make him break his own PB on 800m distance on track in order to unable him to be invited to the major international Track & Field meetings and eventually be selected for the Kenyan National Team.

Timo’s career as a professional coach

Beyond Timo’s undoubted athletic potential lies his equally great and incredible potential as a coach.

Timo currently works with elite-level athletes from around the world, including Asbel Kiprop, Wilson Kipsang, Denis Kimetto, Mary Keitany, Edna Kiplagat, to name just a few, who regularly attend Timo’s core sessions and muscle strengthening program for runners at the HATC gym.

What’s more he has also shown rare and special skills to lead, coach and nurture young talented athletes thanks to his ability to relate to them as well as his wide knowledge and experience about running. Among the young talents whom Timo is raising up the 21-year-old Nick Storry from Nakuru (Kenya) currently looks like a the most promising future star on the 800m distance on track.